Have you sat and thought: “I’m sure there is so much more I could be using?”

Have you imagined how much time you could save if you knew all the things you could do to improve you and your business?

You Tube can provide wonderful resources, however, the danger is it can be outdated quickly.

CUBE can solve all of this for you.

The real magic is understanding how to.

You will have so much more opportunity than you realised you had.

Did you know CUBE is an acronym? This is what it stands for:

Curated: The learning is all in one place.

User Friendly: It’s easy to use and easier to learn from. We’ve already solved the problem for you.

Brief: We know time is precious. So, you get a lot of relevant learning in a little amount of time.

Education: You learn every day, from anywhere, and from any device.

Can you imagine having Microsoft 365 skills and not having to spend hours hunting around the internet looking to learn them?

By being more efficient, can you imagine how much more time you would have?

Do you love shortcuts, productivity tips and tricks and best practice?

We’ve done our research, so you don’t have to. Time is precious. Time to spend on more valuable tasks or simply freeing up time to spend with family.

CUBE offers a single trustworthy information source to keep you updated on the latest Microsoft 365 developments. Microsoft 365 is an innovative product, which means it doesn’t stay the same for long. It can be tricky to keep up to date, knowing which information sources to trust, and adapting to any impact the changes have on your work.

As a CUBE member, you can tune out of all the other resources online and tune into us.


Whenever, there is a change you can trust us to:


• Inform all CUBE members via an email alert and a notification in the Community group.

• Update our training modules so they remain relevant and accurate.

• Help you work through any impact the changes will have on your work – access us through our Sounding Board calls, email support and Community group.

CUBE: The online membership to help you master Microsoft 365!

If you want to:

Then this online membership is for you.

Included with your CUBE membership

The membership is designed to help anyone using Microsoft 365 to work in a better and more informed way. We’ve created the programme to help:

Business Support Professionals




Small Business Owners


Here are just some of the benefits you will realise by being part of the membership:

Become part of the future, because you are Tech Savvy

Save time so you can focus on more important tasks

Build your confidence around technical skills

Stay connected with the evolving and ever changing Microsoft 365 apps

Develop problem solving skills and enhance your resilience

Renew your energy and excitement around this technology

Gain a roadmap to growth, supported at every stage

Build a valuable support network who will always be there for you

Do you want to be Confident? Credible? Valuable?

5 reported hours saved week/learner
115 hours saved/year/learner based on 46 working weeks

More time to grow your business/career!

Get paid more for what you do!

CUBE enables you to:


Not only in confidence but grow through shared knowledge, education and belonging.


Helping you to work smarter not harder and keep up to date with the latest changes in Microsoft 365.


CUBE is modular so let’s you develop at your own pace and topics relevant to you.


The world is becoming smaller so now it is possible to connect globally and we will help you do that.


The knowledge we give you allows you to grow in confidence and be more successful at what you do.


CUBE will help you to truly grow, evolve, develop, connect, and succeed. You will truly thrive going forward!


This is What’s Waiting For You Inside the Membership.

Supportive Online Community

Does anyone in the real world understand what you do all day? Probably not. But your fellow CUBE members do. We’re cultivating a community that encourages all members to do well. A rising tide lifts all boats. We want to hear about your business wins, client successes and productivity-boosting tips. We’re also on hand to answer your questions or bust through any Microsoft 365 challenges you’ve come up against. This isn’t an overcrowded noisy pitch-fest. This exclusive Teams forum is made up only of CUBE members, so you know you’re amongst peers who are as equally invested in growing themselves or their business.
We’ve also got a Community Manager on hand to answer your questions.

We are keen to support individuals and companies to enhance their learning and productivity. Therefore, the price is £27 + VAT. This special introductory price is available until December 31st 2020.

From 1st January the price will be £35 + VAT.

We want to start giving you value now, and we’d love you to join us. We hope you have seen the value in what we have shared here, and this value will grow as we add more and more content for you.

Invest Annually £270 + VAT

“A long-awaited solution to help PAs get the most out of 365 – wish CUBE had been around years ago!” 

Joanne Manville, Director, Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance

“Absolutely love the videos and top tips – implementing my learning and saving so much time in my business already”

Heather Warner, Founder and Business Owner of Enigmatic Business Solutions

“Received more useful work-related real-person training within the first twenty minutes of logging into CUBE than I ever have from work!”


Jennifer Hamilton, PA for legal firm
“I’m a huge advocate of lifelong learning. The training was absolutely superb!!!! Some of the tips were life changing and I would never have found them for myself. Having an approach which I can schedule at a time to suit me and catch up also on demand was hugely beneficial and it suited my pace and availability, this was the perfect plethora of support. I am now working more efficiently and productively on a daily basis and am using almost 100% of what I learned. The great thing is new tips and modules are shared. I am inspired to keep learning and have greater confidence and curiosity about how to work smarter.”
Rosee Elliott, Personal Image and Colour Consultant
“It’s tremendous to see this initiative coming to fruition at such an important time. Executive and Personal Assistants play an ever increasingly critical role in businesses, with a continual need to develop their skills, hence I welcome the launch of this solution. I have known Sheryl and her team for some time and have been impressed by her passion for this project and the recognition that PAs and EAs require and deserve a service designed exclusively with their needs in mind.”
Russell Dalgleish, Managing Partner, Exolta Capital Partners

“I have had the pleasure of working with Appetite For Business at several training days and conferences over the past ten years.   Their expert team have been able to deliver and implement cutting edge knowledge in a highly personable manner. I believe in working with the best and Appetite For Business have consistently delivered outstanding value both for me as an individual and also for the wider PA networks.”


Rosemary Maclennan, Scottish PA Network

“The training is second to none.  Steve explains things in layman’s terms and his structured, step-by-step guidance is so easy to follow that I found it really enjoyable to learn.  I always thought I wasn’t technically savvy, but with the knowledgeable, engaging and fun training, I’ve learned so much that I now put into practice on a daily basis.  Highly recommend Appetite For Business training!”

Nicky Carnie, Qualified ILM Coach & Colour Profiling Specialist: Insights / C-me

“There has never been a more critical time to learn more about the efficiencies of technology and update technical skills. My working practices have been significantly improved thanks to the time saving tips I heard at a recent Appetite For Business masterclass. Understanding the capabilities of different applications and digital platforms has helped my team to integrate processes, work remotely effectively and continue to serve our clients and networks well.”

Carolyn Currie, Chief Executive, Women’s Enterprise Scotland

“You can search through Google but being able to find the right advice and guidance in a structured easy to follow way is invaluable. This is an excellent resource with online videos and real support.

We have worked with Appetite For Business over the last two years including their participation in our events and delivering training to our PA and EA audience. They have always been a great success with delegates very keen for more. I’ve got no hesitation in recommending their services.”

Gail Hannah, Director, MacKay Hannah

We’re a leading Microsoft 365 people-focused digital consultancy.

You’re in very safe hands, we have a proven track record and we walk the talk.

We’re on the front-line every day with our fingers firmly on the pulse.

With this programme, we show you exactly what to do, and we really are there by your side.

CUBE is a “living case study” and we are fully transparent.

Straight talking, honest, proven and practical guidance.

We eat, sleep and breathe Microsoft and we love helping members succeed.

Learning and Performance Institute Top 20 provider in the UK

Learning and Performance Institute Gold Accredited Learning Provider

Microsoft 365 User Adoption Specialist & Certified Partner

Helped over 25,000 people to up skill and increase their knowledge

Meet some of the CUBE team

I’m the Founder of Appetite For Business. I’m a passionate supporter of helping PAs become more productive so they earn more. I started my career as an EA and I know when you invest in your skills you improve the way you work, not just now but for the future.

I’ll be your Learning Consultant for this launch. I’m hugely passionate and enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge on all things Microsoft 365 and I’ll share all my tips and tricks to help you build superhero skills and confidence, helping you to work smarter using this technology.

I’m your Community Manager and a PA at Appetite For Business. I will welcome you, ensure a friendly point of contact and facilitate your queries. With my past experience working as a business support professional, I know how critical we are in the day to day running of a business.


I don’t have a Microsoft Licence2020-06-17T08:01:23+00:00

The Microsoft 365 licence is included in the subscription for the duration of the programme

What is the cancellation policy?2020-06-17T07:55:45+00:00
Whilst you won’t want to leave we know this is probably on your mind. Our cancellation process is simple and easy to do in your account. You can leave at anytime and will retain access to everything until the end of your billing period (eg the end of the month)
Do I get access to everything straight away?2020-09-01T13:17:20+00:00

Yes. You’ll get instant access to some parts of the membership.

There will be monthly master classes where you’ll be given more content helping you move along your path to success.

Do I need a certain competence level to take part?2020-06-08T01:59:07+00:00

This session is for experts AND those who don’t have as much knowledge.  The tips are demonstrated at a steady pace so that even if you know some or many of the tips you’ll get more jaw-dropping tips you won’t know about.  If you know all of these tips, then this program will be a great assessment tool to determine if you should get certified in the programs in order to validate your skills and confirm you’re using over 80% of the technology.

If you are new to Microsoft 365, you’ll pick up the most important tips for your level and then you’ll be able to return to the replays to learn more.
What if I can’t make the live call?2020-06-08T01:57:25+00:00

All paid delegates will get access to the replays.

Will I get a Certificate of Attendance?2020-06-08T01:56:28+00:00

Yes. Each module comes with a Certificate /Badge of Attendance.

Does this apply to Mac?2020-06-08T01:55:37+00:00

We will be using a Windows PC for the live events. There are some lesser functionalities on a Mac but don’t let that stop you.

Is this a live programme or can I work through the materials in my own time?2020-06-17T07:57:32+00:00

The materials can be worked through in your own time. As long as you are part of the programme, you will also get access to implementation support, which includes a weekly Q & A mastermind, monthly expert webinars and a dedicated teams community.

What if I have any questions when I’m working through the programme?2020-04-21T17:44:12+00:00

There is a private teams community for those who have purchased the programme, where you can ask questions and get feedback and assistance.

How long will I have access to the materials?2020-05-08T14:06:07+00:00

You will have access to the materials for the period of the programme.

Do you offer Refunds?2020-04-21T17:43:11+00:00

Please be advised we don’t offer refunds so please read the programme description carefully and email us on hello@appetiteforbusiness.com with any questions before buying to ensure you are making the right decision.

Are there any other costs involved?2020-04-21T17:42:51+00:00

The point of this offer is to save you money. This is all about helping you streamline your costs but help to upskill and come back fighting!

Will you be adding to these Sessions?2020-05-08T08:22:57+00:00

Yes we will be adding to the session, we will keep you updated on this.

How do I pay for this package?2020-06-17T07:59:06+00:00

The cost is £270 + VAT, or can be paid monthly £27 + VAT

Do I need to have certain equipment for the webinars?2020-04-21T17:41:44+00:00

As long as you have access to a laptop, tablet, computer or phone plus an online connection you will be able to access the webinars and package.  

Can I access this on my phone or tablet?2020-04-21T17:38:57+00:00

You can access the site through desktop, web or app through your mobile device. 

Can I view the webinars in my own time or are they streamed live?2020-04-21T17:38:37+00:00

The webinars are pre-recorded, giving you the flexibility to view them and refer back to them.

If you have any more questions, we are happy to answer them so please drop us an email:



Invest Annually £270 + VAT

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